Executive Board
Tom DiFranco
Jeff Sylvester
Joseph Detweiler
Mike Kelly
Divisional Vice Presidents
(Div VP’s are also Executive Board Members)
– Union Division –
Ed Pier Jr.
Mike Powell
– Northwest Division –
Jim Norton
Shop Stewards

– Union Division –
First Responders
Milt Januse
Cody Brenn
Construction & Maintenance
Lenny Niro
Jeff Wernes


Garage & Warehouse
Al Catananzi


Meter Reading
Mike Noble


Erie Street
Glen Csordos


– Northwest Division –
Kyle Hovanec


New Village
Rich Gordon


Bill Shackleton


Lou Balarinni
Howie Bauer
Larry Burns


John Gordon
Russ Reed
Mike Blendon


2018 Safety Committee, Green Lane Div.

Members have not been chosen yet

since the Company seems to have no desire 

to have safety meetings. Over 3 months have passed

since the last one

2018 Safety Committee, NW Div.
Retirement Party Committee
Oscar Vieni
Ed McGeehan
Ray “Robo” Castillo
Cody Brenn
Larry Mruskovic
Web Site Design and Contributions
Larry Mruskovic
Rick Donovan
Ray “Robo” Castillo