Letter to Our members

Members of Local 424,

            After a little over a month of negotiating with the company we have reached an agreement. People that do not want to be vaccinated no longer are required to be vaccinated. You will have to be tested weekly on your time; and a home test is not allowed. We recommend you use the https://learn.vaulthealth.com/nj/ option. It’s free, you just need to download the zoom app. I signed on and made an account, I took 2 tests a week apart to make sure there would be enough time to get results from one test and order another for the next week.

There was plenty of time, but we stay on top of it. The tests are sent overnight from UPS so it’s reliable. If for some reason you forget or you are on vacation or don’t receive a test it is your responsibility to get a test done. You will get 2 strikes on this and that’s it. Failure to produce a test, you will be sent home until you provide a negative test. The same thing will happen a second time. There won’t be a third time. If you have any questions, you can see your divisional VP’s.

I realize these tests are not free in Pennsylvania, I emailed Jimmy Norton a list of free testing sights in Pennsylvania. Of course, everyone is free to research any testing options on their own. 

Anyone fully vaccinated (according to the CDC guidelines) by April 18, 2022 will receive $600.00 minus taxes of course. The testing will end when the CDC downgrades from the pandemic status.

Thank you,

John Gordon