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Join us as we analyze, explore, and celebrate the different facets of organized labor. SIMPLY PUT: THIS IS THE SITE FOR ALL THINGS UNION.

In the spirit of Eugene Debs, we invite you to join us as we champion the cause for a safe, equitable, and unionized workplace. First, a little bit about ourselves: Local 424 is located throughout New Jersey. We are employed by the Elizabethtown Gas Company, a subsidiary of AGL Resources of Atlanta Georgia. Our job descriptions include Emergency Response (gas leak, carbon monoxide, & fire), appliance repair (closed down against our will by our new owners, AGL Resources as of November 2005), distribution system maintenance, fleet and building maintenance, meter reading, meter changing, and parts distribution. Sadly, like many modern unions, we are often forced into a defensive posture as we fight to retain our hard-earned benefits and security. Corporate cutbacks are forever nipping at our heels. The Pandora's box heartlessly opened by Ronald Reagan in the early 1980s - remember the air traffic controllers? - serves as an ample warning that organized labor must and will remain on its guard.

Please use our "Message Board" as a place for the free exchange of union-related viewpoints. Please inform us about issues you are dealing with in your local. Through the unified effort, we can safeguard the recognition, good pay, and humane benefits that all workers deserve.

Organized labor has made titanic leaps in the 20th century. History buffs might want to acquaint themselves with the Triangle Shirt Waist Factory Fire , a 1911 disaster that horrified New York City and the nation, and became a springboard for safer working conditions and better communication between management and labor. We've come a long way since the deplorable and preventable tragedy of 1911. The sweatshop era is a dim memory. And as proud union members, we owe it to our predecessors in the labor movement to remain both vigilant and united as we continue to protect the concerns of America's honest, strong, and admirable working class. In a word, it all comes down to decency.


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